Welcome to the transformative world of Psychotherapy, where compassionate professionals help individuals navigate psychological and emotional distress

While most psychologists are also psychotherapists, it’s important to note that not all psychotherapists are psychologists.

To earn the title of a psychotherapist, one must undergo comprehensive training, including an undergraduate degree in psychology or related health fields, a master’s degree in psychotherapy, fulfilling required field hours in practice, and successfully passing a licensing examination.

At the heart of psychotherapy lies a holistic approach, encompassing mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual growth. Collaboratively, psychotherapists and their clients explore both conscious and unconscious aspects of life, delving into past experiences to understand how they impact the present and shape the future.

Emphasizing the therapeutic relationship, psychotherapy draws from various modalities, ranging from Buddhist Psychotherapy and Gestalt Therapy to Psychodrama, Somatic Psychotherapy, Soul-Centred Psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis, Transpersonal, and Experiential Psychotherapy.

While scientifically proven effective for mental health treatment, it’s important to be aware that Medicare currently does not cover psychotherapy. However, many private health insurance plans with extras cover offer benefits for counseling and psychotherapy services provided by registered psychotherapists. Clients are encouraged to check with their health fund to determine eligibility for rebates. Additionally, psychotherapy may be covered by personal injury insurances (e.g., CTP, WorkCover) or included in wellness or Employee Assistance Programs.

Majority of Private Health Insurances with extras cover, provide benefits for counselling and psychotherapy services provided by registered Psychotherapist. Clients will need to check with their health fund as to whether they are eligible for rebates. Currently, PACFA have agreements with Medibank, AHM, Bupa, and ARHG (encompassing St Luke’s Health, Phoenix Health, GMHBA, CUA, Westfund, Police Health, and Emergency Services Health). Psychotherapy may be covered by personal Injury Insurances (e.g. CTP, WorkCover) or as part of wellness or Employee Assistance Programs.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth with psychotherapy, where the power of understanding, healing, and transformation await. Connect with our dedicated team of psychotherapists, and let us walk with you on your path to inner harmony and fulfillment.