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Ms Debbie Viengkham, Assoc. MAPS.

Bachelor of Psychology

About me

My name is Debbie Viengkham and I am a female psychologist working in private practice at Exclusive Wellbeing, located in Parramatta.

I also have a passion for understanding human behaviour, our motivations and what influences our choices, decisions, and actions whether conscious or subconscious.

I find the dynamics between people and their environment fascinating, and how individual differences allow us to perceive the world in our own unique ways. Our own unique ways of seeing the world is often influenced also by our cultural values, beliefs, boundaries and personal upbringing.

Why would you choose ME? What makes it right for you?

I believe everyone needs a safe space where we can be ourselves without worrying about how we may be perceived or what others may think. My priority is to ensure you feel safe to explore and discuss what is important to you. I offer a non-judgemental, compassionate and understanding space, whilst also valuing transparency and honesty in my therapy.

I believe each individual needs a range of wellbeing services to improve overall balance and life revitalization. My aim is assisting client to reach their full potential by providing quality healthcare in a supportive environment. I strive to work with each person individually within all external and internal facets of their lives to promote improved global wellbeing. This often means working in a close collaboration with other health professionals that could include GP, psychiatrists, physiotherapist, rehabilitation service provider or insurers.

My aim is to empower you. I am here to make you feel heard, understood and respected. Only then I can provide you with appropriate set of therapy approaches that would support, guide and assist you to work through issues that are currently troubling you. The most important outcome I wish you to reach by the end of our first session is that you feel comfortable with me as your therapist.

Therapy Approaches/Modalities used in my therapy work

I primarily utilise cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in my therapy sessions. I appreciate the flexible and compassionate nature of ACT and believe the skills are immensely helpful in all areas of our lives, including our careers, relationships, home life etc. I also draw upon skills and strategies from other therapies to cater to client’s individual differences as no two clients are the same.

I have worked with young adults and adults assisting with management of drug and alcohol (addiction), stress, performance at work, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem/self-confidence issues. I also work with behavioral issues, Anger Management, Bereavement, Codependency, overall Coping Skill, Divorce, Drug Abuse, Gambling, Internet Addiction, Relationship Issues, Self-Harming.

My credentials

I completed my Bachelor of Psychology at Western Sydney University in 2009, and my registration program with the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP). Much of my early experience was with addiction, and drug and alcohol working in residential rehabs, outpatient programs and the Aftercare services for roughly 5 years. Currently besides working in a private practice with Exclusive Wellbeing in Parramatta, I am also working in tertiary education as a student counsellor at a reputable university and have done so for 4 years assisting with issues ranging from academic skills, time management, personal relationships, stress management, identity, and performance.

As psychology and mental health is a constantly growing and dynamic field, I also keep up-to-date with my continual professional development engaging in training about other modes of therapy, such as Narrative Therapy, advances in mental health treatment such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Professional Association

I am an accredited provider through Medicare, Private Health Funds, and SIRA (Worker’s Compensation). I am also an associate member of Australian Psychology Society (APS).

Areas of Specific Interest

My specific areas of interests include work with self-esteem, anxiety, tertiary education or performance concerns. I often work with adults and young adults (from 16years old onwards).

My ideal client would be someone who is motivated to change, and keen to understand their own behaviors and motivations in hopes for a more balanced life. I like to assist people in finding their strengths and utilizing them to work towards the person they want to be.


I provide General Private Services, services under Medicare which attract Medicare Rebate and services under SIRA.

Open for Bookings

Our friendly admin team at Exclusive Wellbeing will be able to answer most of your questions, however, if you wish to connect with me prior to booking your appointment, please feel free to email me directly at . Please be mindful that it could take a couple of days for me to provide a reply. Our admin team may be able to provide you with answers more quickly if you contact them first on Mob: 0410 005 480.

My current availabilities at Exclusive Wellbeing in Parramatta for bookings are Thursdays 11am to 6pm. This may change, please speak with our friendly admin team on Mob: 0410 005 480 they will be able to update you on my availability.